Approvals & Sanctioning Partners:

The Golden Buckle event is open to all contestants and all horses! 

BBR: Open & Futurity Events are pending approval by Better Barrel Races. BBR members may earn regional points for year end awards and qualify for the 2024 BBR World Finals.

Breeder’s Challenge: Contestant’s may enter eligible horse’s in the Breeder’s Challenge side-pots for an additional payout and a chance to qualify for the 2023 Million Dollar Breeder’s Challenge Championship in Fort Worth, TX!

Tomorrow’s Legends Stallion Incentive: Contestant’s may enter eligible horse’s in the Tomorrow’s Legend’s side-pot for an additional payout with no additional entry fee!

You do not have to be affiliated with any of these organizations to participate!


The $35,000 Futurity is open to all horses horses age 4 or 5 (foal date of 2019 or 2018) that have never competed prior to November 15, 2022. $500 entry fee. $100 late fees apply to each Futurity entry received after December 22. Futurity will consist of 2 Go Rounds and a Average with 80% payback of entry fees and 100% of added money. Each Go will payback 30% of the total payout with 40% payout to the Average. Go rounds will be 2D progressive payout with a whole second split and the Average will be straight pay. Futurity entries may carry over their times to either or both of the Open Go Rounds. 4 Year Futurity entries ONLY may carry their times over to the Golden Buckle Slot Race. Eligible horses may carry their times over to the Breeders Challenge Futurity Qualifier and/or Open Qualifiers.

Golden Buckle Slot Race:
The Slot Race will be limited to 50 horses max. Slot race horses must be 4 years old (foal date of 2019). Slot race will be ran as a sidepot of the $35,000 Added Futurity and will payout based on each entry’s fastest time of their two runs with 80% payback. $2,500 entry fee with deadline of December 15.

The $10,000 Added Derby is open to all horses age 8 and under (foal date of 2015 or later). $300 entry fee. $50 late fees apply to each Derby entry received after December 22. Derby will consist of 2 Go Rounds and a Average with 80% payback of entry fees and 100% of added money. Each Go will payback 30% of the total payout with 40% payout to the Average. Go rounds and Average will be straight pay. Derby entries may carry over their times to either or both of the Open Go Rounds. Eligible horses may carry their times over to the Breeders Challenge Derby Qualifier and/or Open Qualifiers.

The $15,000 Open races are open to all riders and horses. $100 entry fee per race with $25 late fee after December 22. Each go will have $6,000 Added and $3,000 will be added to the Average. $10 of each Open entry fee will go towards the Open Average payout. Open payout will be 80% of entry fees and 100% of added money with 4D 1/2, 1/2, whole splits to both go rounds and the average. Contestants do not have enter both go rounds, but will not be eligible for the Average payout unless they do.

The $1,000 Added Youth Race is open to all riders who are 18 and under as of January 1, 2023. $50 entry fee with $25 late fee after December 22. Youth entries may carry their times over to the 2nd Go of the Open.


Payout checks will be in check form and made payable to the rider. Contestants must have complete address and social security number on file in order to claim payout checks. 1099’s will be issued in the rider’s name to anyone earning more than $600.

All checks not claimed at the event by contestants with complete tax information will be mailed to the contestant addresses on file no later than the Wednesday following the event at no cost to the contestant. Failure to have complete address and social security number on file will delay this process. Please verify your information is correct at the event if you have recently moved.

It is strongly encouraged for contestants to pick up their checks each day before leaving the event.

Entries & Draw:

Pre-entries: Pre-entries will be accepted online and by mail.  The pre-entry deadline to avoid late fees is December 22. Please be sure that mailed entries are sent in time to be received by December 22!! All online entries incur a $5 online entry fee per transaction plus 5% credit card processing fees. No phone-in entries will be accepted for pre-entries. There will be a $50 charge on all pre-entry returned checks!

There is a one time $20 processing fee per rider.

The pre-entry draw and official schedule will be published online the week before each event.

It is the sole responsibility of the contestant to know their draw position. Failure to be present for a competition run will result in a scratch. In the event of a missed run, contestant will have the option to be added back in to the race at the very end by paying a second entry fee.​

Late entries: Late entries will be accepted at the event with applicable late fees until NOON on Wednesday for the Futurity & Derby. Open & Youth late entries will be accepted until 30 minutes prior to the start of each race. Positions will be randomly drawn for those entering at the event. ABSOLUTELY NO LATE OPEN ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE LATE ENTRY DEADLINE.​

Onsite entries will be accepted with cash or credit card payment only, no checks. All credit card transactions incur a 5% credit card fee. Phone in entries will be accepted only during event office hours with a credit card payment. No phone-in entries will be accepted for pre-entries.

Draw-Outs: There will be no refunds for Futurity, Derby, or Slot race entries. Horse substitutions will be allowed until December 22 with vet release only for a $100 substitution fee. Open and Youth entries may draw out until December 22 with a vet or doctor’s release only. No refunds will be offered for any reason after December 22. In order to receive a refund, contestants must submit an official draw out form by the designated deadlines. 70% refunds will be granted with a vet release or doctor’s release ONLY through December 22. Absolutely no refunds will be given after this time. Draw out forms received after this time will not constitute a refund and contestant’s entry fees will remain in the payout. It is the sole responsibility of the contestant to ensure that the release is physically received by show management before the deadline in order to receive a refund. No refunds will be issued at the event. All refunds will be mailed following the event in the form of a check made payable to the name and address provided on the draw out form.​

Competition Rules:

Dress Code: Dress code of a long sleeve shirt, boots, and cowboy hat or helmet are to be worn during all competition runs.. Failure to be in dress code when entering the arena will result in disqualification.​

Photographer: When one is present a photo will be taken of every horse (flash used). Contestants may not ask photographer to hold flash for any individual. Photos are property of photographer and cannot be used without written permission.​

Alley-way: Each contestant is required to check in with the gate personnel before their group of 5 begins or risk being scratched. Those with problem horses may send a representative to check them in. Once a contestant has been announced as a scratch and the next contestant has been called for, the scratched contestant will not be allowed to run without re-entering per the missed run rule.

After a contestant has been called for, they will be subject to a 60 second time limit to enter the arena. Announcer will indicate if and when a contestant has been place on the clock. Once the 60 seconds are up, the contestant will be disqualified. Judge’s decision will be final.

Any horse crossing the plain of the alleyway into the arena without a rider, will result in a disqualification.

Any event specific ground rules pertaining to the alley-way will be prominently posted at the event and on social media. Any contestant violating such ground rules will be disqualified and not allowed to compete without exception. Judge’s decisions will be final.

There will be no circling beyond the mouth of the alley-way or a no-time will be assessed.​ Judge’s decisions will be final.

Competition: An Honest Effort must be made for all competition runs. Riders must make a good faith effort to run the pattern as fast as their ability will allow. Anyone purposefully going slower than a gallop through the pattern or pulling up before the timers in an effort to fall in a lower division will be disqualified and forfeit any money for said run. Judge’s decisions will be final.

No circling of barrels or training during competition runs. If the pattern is broken, rider may complete the pattern from the point of the break in a timely fashion or exit the arena immediately. Failure to do so will result in a $25 fine payable before the contestant’s next competition run.

No re-runs will be given if a horse falls, is pulled up by the rider or in the event of a rider’s equipment malfunction.

No money will be paid out on runs incurring a penalty for hit barrels.

Contestants may ride any horse, regardless of ownership, and may ride as many horses as they choose. However, a horse may not be entered by more than one contestant in the same race unless the following conditions are met:

  1. Both contestants are members of the same immediate family who reside in the same household (husband, wife, siblings, children and grandchildren).
  2. Neither contestant is entered on any other horse.
  3. In no case will the same horse be run more than twice in the Open race.

Contestants entering more than one horse will be disqualified for running horses in the incorrect order. The average will be paid off by the horse. Each horse must be ran in the correct position.

Running Out Of Turn: There will be a $100 fine for any contestant who runs out of turn. Failure to pay fine will result in disqualification and forfeiture of any winnings from the entire event. If a contestant runs out of turn, a regular drag will occur before continuing.

Inhumane treatment of any horse or dog will not be tolerated. Anyone who excessively whips or strikes a horse’s ears or face with anything other than the hand, either in the arena or on the facility grounds will be fined $100. Any individual who has been warned for such behavior and persists or refutes the warning shall be fined an additional $100 and disqualified from the event. Any rider caught using an electronic device on a horse during competition will be automatically disqualified and shall forfeit all winnings.

Timer Malfunction: Two sets of electric eyes will be in use. In the event the primary timer fails to work, the back-up timer will be used. In the event that both timers fail a re-run will be awarded at the contestant’s discretion: 1.) immediately with a fresh drag, 2.) at the end of any group of 50 with a fresh drag, or 3.) at the end of the event with a fresh drag. The rider must declare if they will accept a re-run and when they wish to take it before the next horse runs.​

The announcer will not indicate any malfunctions during a run. Any re-runs will carry over all penalties accumulated during the first run, thus no re-runs will be awarded for broken patterns or hit barrels.  Re-runs will not accumulate any additional penalties. If the contestant chooses not to re-run, they will receive a no time.​

Fines & Disqualifications: All fines are to be paid in cash in the show office. Contestants with outstanding fines will not be allowed to compete until such time as the fines have been paid.

Any act deemed prejudicial to the best interests of the Golden Buckle event may result in the disqualification of the contestant, with no refund of entry fees. The contestant may also be prohibited from attending any future Golden Buckle events for any given length of time. These acts may include but are not limited to the following:

a. Using abusive or intemperate language or attempting to threaten, bribe, influence, or harass any contestant, spectator, staff member, or arena personnel.
b. Moving or attempting to move markers at any time.
c. Use of electronic and/or remotely controlled devices to alter the outcome of a run.
d. Abuse or neglect of a horse or dog as defined within these rules.
e. Competing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
f. Misidentifying a horse in any race/class.
g. Misidentifying a rider in any race/class.
h. Failure to make good on a returned check and related returned check fees.

Drags: During competition runs, there will be a regular drag after every 5 runs and a big drag after every 50. There will be a big drag between any change in classes such as Futurity, Derby, Open, etc. If a contestant runs out of turn, a regular drag will occur before continuing.

Event Awards:

Contestants are asked to be present in full dress code for any awards photos. If a contestant has left the premises before collecting their awards he/she may either designate a person to collect awards for him/her.

In the event of a tie for Average awards, the tie will be broken by the first go times. The contestant who ran the fastest time in the first go will receive the awards.

Exhibitions: Exhibitions will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 10-11. All Futurity entries will be guaranteed one exhibition with their entry. Additional exhibitions will be offered for sale at the event. Complete exhibition schedule will be published prior to the event.


Any questions or disputes which may arise during the course of the event not covered by the above rules will be decided and settled by Golden Buckle management and all decisions will be final.